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wFriday, September 26, 2003



Okay, my bank coffer is full again because of salary day. I just can't wait to buy a keyboard for my Palm Zire 71. A bulky looking keyboard that does the job of typing. I need to write using my Palm... I'll probably write my novel using my Palm.

Yesterday Dia, Azman, Az, Li, their son Harris and I went out for a Dinner at Penang House (probably that's the name of the restaurant) at Sri Hartamas. Parking was easy because it was not a weekend night. So, I took a few pictures of the lanterns I saw outside several restaurants. I wish I would brought my Canon camera along. These lanterns simply look marvelous!

Okay, today is shopping day. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to go to MidValley for the AXN Anime exhibition that's going to be held there. I'll be shooting some pictures there, of course.

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