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wTuesday, September 23, 2003



I'm still not feeling well. I'm still sick with flu. I feel week but I'm still in the office. I hate doing nothing at home and feeling miserable.

I ran out of pictures to be shown here. I ran out of ideas to write in my own blog simply because I didn't get to go out. Dia will not be around next week, and probably for the whole week after that. I need to go out and smell the roses myself this time around. I've asked Faiz to come with me and watch movies with me (and I'll even pay for the movies) but he'll just consider my offer. Else, I have to go and watch the movies I needed to watch alone by myself. Bro is too busy with his life. He said he needs to study. What a nerd!

Last Saturday I went to Bangsar Shopping Centre. Took bus no. 5 to reach there. I went there for a meeting and after the meeting, I wanted to spend some time at Times the bookshop. But I have to cut the time spent at Times short because I wasn't feeling very well. I bought The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice. Took a cab home. At home, I took my blanket and covered myself up... Till evening. I felt like dying, really.

I have to tell myself to go out and probably talk to strangers. I need to take more pictures of KL and its inhabitants. I have to continue writing my novel.

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