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wMonday, September 29, 2003


Anime AXN

So here I am. On a Saturday afternoon, typing in The Manhattan Fish Market (MidValley) using the new keyboard that I've bought yesterday at Sunway.

Using this keyboard is great I guess. It has allowed me to stay mobile without having to carry my beloved laptop around. Everything now is merely put aside in my pocket.

Well, I'm in MidValley alone. Without Dia with me because he 'balik kampung' again. This time around, according to him, he has to become a 'pengapit' to someone I don't really know who. I think he told me who the person was, but I wasn't really listening.

Funny thing happened when I was about to go to MidValley. A taxi was available in my apartment's vicinity. It was very convenient, of course. The cost to ride a taxi from my apartment to MidValley stands at RM15. Very expensive, really.

I reached MidValley at about 2.30PM. I was supposed to meet a friend of mine here, but I left my phone at my office. I wonder if she'd called me earlier. She supposed to sell me her copy of the fifth installment of Harry Potter.

To be honest, I initially wanted to watch 'Cinta Kolesterol' but it was difficult to get a ticket and the next show is not until midnight. I then headed to AXN Anime Exhibition. There were zillions of anime fans there. I felt hot and suffocated, not to mention silly, being there amongst kids not of my age. I took some pictures, though. Especially a series of pictures I took of a cosplay contestant.

I ordered myself a plate of fish and chips. My fishmeal when I'm eating at The Manhattan Fish Shop. They have coffee promotions now. A cup of coffee only cost 99 sen. A bargain. And I think I need a dose of caffeine. I feel like ordering a slice of cake to go with the coffee, but never mind that. I'm saving my stomach for tonight's gluttony at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman's 'pasar malam'.

I can't decide yet whether to go to MPH or to take bus no. 5 and then head to Bangsar Shopping Centre. I just need to get myself to bookstore, sit down and read. I'll probably get myself an Anne Rice book. I just finished reading 'Armand, The Vampire' just now. It was not too bad, but a bit tad boring. Too much rambling going on. I don't mind that, really but I guess there are a lot of people who are into this kind of writing.

I am of course writing my very own 'historical novel' about the live of a vampire. The book will be written in Malay.

Why do I write about vampires? I think, I have this fascination with immortality. Probably it's because I live a life thinking I'm a vampire myself.

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