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wTuesday, August 05, 2003

Keropok Lekor Kampung Baru


Dia was not at home during the weekend, but the Akademi Fantasia party was still on. People still came. Fahmy and Eddy were there too. Fahmy picked Eddy up in a commuter station near his college... He brought durians for us. I reserved a durian for Dia...

Fahmy and Eddy turned out to be two gorgeous looking young men. Anyways, after the Akademi Fantasia concert, we all went clubbing (yes, all of us gorgeous young men). Saw Leez and since Fahmy is a big fan of Leez, I introduced Leez to Fahmy. They were glad to finally able to meet each other.

Didn't do much while clubbing. The music still sucks.

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