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wThursday, August 14, 2003



I didn't update by blogs yesterday because I was so busy with the Merdeka Day celebration. I was at Putrajaya, at the Kementerian Sains dan Teknologi department going through the work that had to be done. The meeting was long and arduous of course. I didn't even have time for myself.

After this, I guess I'm free. This weekend, I'll be heading to Penang. Can't wait to head up north. I'll be taking zillions of pixs of course.

Dia and I are trying to organise an outing of sort with our friends to Port Dickson this long Merdeka weekend. We will probably do some crazy things along the way. There'll probably be 9 guys sharing the same huge apartment by the beach. It'll be great fun just chillin' out together!

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