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wFriday, July 25, 2003


Colonel Sanders

Yesterday I played a cruel practical joke on Bro. Actually Dia and I planned the practical joke since last week. It's all got to do with the silly (and of course, ultimately idiotic) 'Gerak Segak' course that effeminate boys from UPM have to endure, (they think a few days of camping can make 'em butch). We wrote a fake letter to him that placed his name on a list of phantom effeminate students from Monash University to be included in the program. His reaction to the letter was priceless and yes, I've got everything recorded!

He call Mom... Really he did! He said, this is his ticket to Australia. He would rather migrate to Australia than having to endure a few days of humiliation. He was about to cry, and it was only then I told mom that it was a joke. Sis assured him that the letter was a fake, because he didn't believe me still. When he came to his senses, he then smiled and said that he was close to punch me on my face... haha!

My bro is not effeminate, that's why the joke is so funny. I wouldn't play this cruel joke on him if he's effeminate. Whatever it is, I hope he'll understand the situations of the boys who are actually called for the 'Gerak Segak' program.

How would you feel if you are labeled a 'Lelaki Lembut' (effeminate), hoarded together in a group of 'Lelaki Lembut' and then having to spend a few days of indoctrination? Fun, maybe humiliation, definitely!

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